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Tips to earn 1,00,00,000 rupees (1 Crore)


How simple is it to earn 1 Crore rupees?

(Write your perspective in a paper about how simple it is to earn 1 Cr., before reading this article.)

1 Crore
Image of Amitabh Bachchan roaring 1 crore in KBC.

In this article, I am going to talk about some tips to earn 1 Cr. We will talk about various techniques and skills required to earn it. This article is useful for Students, freelancers, employers, businessmen, entrepreneurs ,and mentors.

So let’s begin with our Tip no. 1:


2. All You Need To Know About Mediclaim

What is Mediclaim?

Mediclaim Policy is a type of Health Insurance Policy, whereby the Insurance company agrees to cover your hospitalization costs with their terms and conditions upon payment of amount called as Premium.

The Insurance Company pays for the treatment cost be it due to an accident, illness including day-care treatments. With the number of lifestyle diseases increasing day by day, the cost of medical treatment is increasing at a high pace. By having a Mediclaim policy, we are assured of financial assistance during hospitalization.  Mediclaim Policy, Mediclaim Insurance, or Mediclaim all mean the same.


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3. Top 10 Romantic getaway ideas for couples: Creating memories together


Couples tend to look for opportunities to spend more quality time together and rejuvenate. Away from routine, household chores and a new environment gives them the much needed break. Pushkar and I both love travelling and that’s one of the several things common between us. Although we are quite different when it comes to experiencing these vacations, we continue to explore romantic getaway ideas for couples. Love for luxurious vacations versus his love for nature made us think of different ideas to ensure we were achieving our travel goals together.

That brought us thinking that couple vacation ideas vary for individuals and hence we explored destinations that include different interests and travel ideas for couples. Balancing work and life is always a task, with hectic work schedules and leave restrictions we continue to explore mini-vacation ideas and frequently plan quick getaways on weekends rather than waiting for longer vacation opportunities.

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4. What is the art of amazing food and wine pairings?​

Alcoholic beverages are a key element in the restaurant dining experience at any price point. The right food and wine pairing has the power to enhance the flavour of the food, and vice versa.

Why do we pair food and wine?

Successful wine pairing will enhance the dining experience – potentially heightening flavours, textures and qualities in the food. Advice from a skilled sommelier or waiting staff may encourage diners to be more adventurous by providing confidence that their selections will work well together. Customers may feel more comfortable purchasing luxury wine brands, improving their experience and business profitability.

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5. How to start your business using marketing strategies?

Marketing is “meeting needs profitably” That’s why it’s called a SCIENCE.

  •  Is there a need?
  •  Is your product or service in constant demand?
  •  How many competitors provide the same product or service?
  •  What is your competitive advantage?
  •  Can a demand for the product or service be created?
  •  Can the business compete in price, quality and services?

Do these questions arise in your mind before starting your business? 

Marketing starts with identifying consumer needs, then the product and services are planned according to the needs of the customer.

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Whether you needed to know the correct way to spell “embarrasing” (or is it “embarassing”?) or when you just couldn’t remember which episode of FRIENDS Brad Pitt was in – Google has always been there for you (it’s the 9th episode of the 8th season, by the way. You’re welcome)! Now tell me honestly, do you daydream about working at Google, Vince Vaughn’s words running through your mind telling you how amazing Google is with all the unlimited free food, nap pods, massage rooms, slides, and a mile-long list of other perks? 

If your daydream brought you here, great! We’ve got plenty of material for your fantasy job. If you want to live this dream, you’ve landed at the one-stop shop for all your questions about how to get a job at Google.

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7. Can cars be bought as investment?


Is buying a car really an investment?  Most of the people think that buying a car is waste of money. But today, I am going to prove them wrong. Cars are a depreciating asset, no doubt, but in some cases, may actually be appreciating or mostly, providing us value. By the end of this blog, we will have the answer to the question ‘Is buying a car really an investment?‘ So, let’s dive right in.

Can cars be bought as investment?

Long story short, yes. There are many people who invest in cars and automobiles. Some of them buy a car and sell it for more than what they’ve bought it for. Rich people often buy rare and limited produced cars expecting that they will appreciate in value. Many companies give cars on rent.

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8. The Power of Freelancing During a Pandemic.


Freelancing is the way where you can work from your home. Freelancing means you have to work remotely.

In freelancing, you can work as a freelancer and you can also hire anyone to work for you or your company. You don’t have to hire someone on a permanent basis for some small work.

Freelancing is very helpful for both freelancers and companies.

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9. Remote access made easy through ProSoft Connect.


For manufacturers, machine up-time is directly proportional to profitable operation.

As machines and production processes become more complex, the need to provide expert technicians with remote access to industrial control equipment is more important than ever.

Typical scenario for Remote access problem

It’s 5 PM on Friday, when the phone rings with news that the PLC on your plant’s Plate Mill just went down.

The plant technical team is stumped and the PLC vendor’s service engineer won’t arrive until Monday.

The plant manager is on the other end of the phone line, asking you to somehow let the vendor access the PLC System to resolve the problem remotely.

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10. Keep it simple?

You must be wondering why should you even care to look at an ORDINARY man’s viewpoint. But let me assure you that by the end of this article you shall only be thanking me for it! That’s also the main objective of this article – To help you understand your customer more intimately!! 

Marketing, as many industry experts think, is not just about promoting your product/service to get the sales, profits etc but also comprehending what an ordinary customer wants, what are his aspirations, what his problems and what is he looking for and then finally you come into the picture as a saviour of their problems – not you but your product or service!! 

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11. Why Social Media Marketing is Important to Contemporary Business?


Soical Media means a suite of Online Services that facilitates two-way Communication and content sharing and can become a productive component of overall marketing strategy.

In simple words the use of social media platforms to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales and drive traffic is known as social media marketing.

Just like offline world, the success in social media marketing depends on the ability to find and make your target audience happy so that they remain in touch with your business and also recommend to others.

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12. The Ultimate 40+ Free digital marketing tool Guide for small business


Are you looking for this

“ What is the best free online marketing tool for small business?”

So you’ve come to the right place.

Because in this article you are going to learn the Ultimate 60+ Free digital marketing tool Guide for small businesses.

It means that if you’re a small-business owner or a marketing manager who wants to keep up with the competition. These digital marketing tools enable you to automate routine processes, analyze data to evaluate and improve your website, and start organizing your marketing efforts, along with other things.

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13. Want to learn digital marketing?


Looking for ways to get more clients and grow your small business with digital marketing?

Developing a successful digital marketing campaign strategy is easier than ever. So, if you’ve been looking to create a digital marketing campaign to grow your small business or startup! You’re in the right place.

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14. My fitness journey towards a healthy body and mind.

I am going to share my point of view about the most relevant subject of life with my real-life story, why the story, is the best medium how we can connect to the topic. I will share my transition journey from being a chubby child who always want to be fit and healthy. I had the intention of becoming a woman who knows how to keep herself fit, mentally and physically. It is a real journey with no reels attached to it.

The initial journey was from fat to fit transition, started not now, but it is a new journey with a different approach.  It is a lesson learned from life. I was a chubby child, never had any health issues. The issue came up when I was a teenager. Because of my body weight, I was not able to fit into jeans to look good. As we all know teenage is the age when we feel looks are an important matter of life, but it is not, it is just a feeling at that time of life. At that time, I tried my ways to lose weight, by walking, yoga, gym, etc. I would lose some weight again, back to square one.

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15. National Sci-Fi Day (2nd January 2022)

National Science Friction Day

January 02, 2022

When it comes to fiction writing, the stories are only limited by one’s imagination. And no matter what type of fiction stories you like, chances are a few of them involve some sort of science fiction topics. If so, National Science Fiction Day on January 2 is the perfect day to celebrate this type of story.

Science fiction touches so many different areas of literature that most people can find one area that they love. Science fiction can include stories based in space with aliens like E.T. or space battles like Star Wars. The genre also can include time travel, such as H. G. Wells famous book, The Time Machine, or the Doctor Who franchise. Even super hero movies can involve science fiction. After all, who would believe a talking raccoon as in Guardians of the Galaxy or the rock-like skin of the Thing in the Fantastic Four without the science fiction angle?

So if you’re fascinated by the unknown and by the possibilities of what science can bring in the future, you probably would be – or already are – a fan of science fiction. And that’s why National Science Fiction Day is the perfect day to celebrate all of these different books, movies, and television shows. You may not love sci-fi enough to consume its stories every day, but this special day is a great opportunity to spark your imagination!

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